Partner With Us For Practical Solutions

We know that your therapy team is a vital part of your healthcare community’s financial strength. Partnering with Landview Therapy Services will give you the security of knowing that your therapy staff is dedicated, well trained, skilled and motivated. Let us be your regional oversight. Uniting with Landview Therapy Services creates a harmonious, cost-effective partnership designed to take your community from good to great!

We operate as an extended family committed to identifying and fostering strengths in our team and encouraging talent to flourish. Our team's collective mission is to offer the finest service to patients and to the healthcare organizations we are privileged to have as partners.

Our service capabilities provide your community with state-of-the-art programs to ensure growth and sustainable success. The intent of this service approach is to cater toward client-specific operational needs, and to provide ongoing support to the comprehensive program services that are developed in partnership with you:

  • Management oversight of facility rehab department
  • Weekly and monthly therapy reports
  • Census and ALOS optimization via clinical programming
  • Therapy departmental benchmarking
  • Revenue cycle management of therapy
  • PPS/COT optimization strategies
  • Clinical program management & development
  • Therapy software, G-code & billing management systems
  • Interview assistance - hiring the right department leader
  • Recruitment needs

  • Medicare A & Medicare B Training Overview
  • Medicare Skilled Coverage Requirements
  • Advanced MDS/PPS Strategies and Systems
  • G-code Training for Med B Claims
  • Understanding Part B and the 59 and KX Modifier
  • Rehabilitation Utilization Management
  • Medicare Meetings & Case-management Processes
  • CMS Guidelines
  • Case Management, Discharge Planning Assistance

  • Interim and permanent staffing for managers and therapists
  • Therapy director mentorship
  • "In-House" transitions
  • Education platforms: PPS/COT/MED B/LTC programming
  • Facility specific consulting matched to the facility's individual needs
  • Regional facility oversight
  • Length of stay management
  • Mock survey collaboration
  • Technical and medical necessity audits for quality therapy documentation
  • Outcome reporting
  • Behavioral management education for dementia patients with therapy needs

Landview Therapy Services
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