Operating Philosophy

Landmark/Landview's proven ability to provide responsive resource deployment, particularly in crisis circumstances, has contributed significantly to its reputational success.

Landmark/Landview provide interim staffing relief for key management and department head positions. These capabilities are particularly valued within the regulatory, lender and investor communities where Landmark/Landview is customarily engaged to respond to distressed or troubled situations.

Landmark/Landview's management philosophy emphasizes the human resource elements of successful and sustainable operations. Recognizing that corporate management cannot effectively substitute facility based talent, Landmark/Landview positions itself as a resource center to support and augment the specialized needs of its constituents - cultivating facility leadership, fostering staff development and promoting best practices. This philosophy recognizes the localized nature of the business and amplifies the unique attributes of each individual facility and its respective team of talent.

Our unique case-management approach optimizes clinical operations, clinical reimbursement and therapy services to obtain positive resident outcomes which ultimately contribute to improved financial performance. The financial outcomes are achieved by cultivating a collaborative and educational environment for the interdisciplinary team.

The intention of this service approach is to cater toward client-specific operational needs; promoting in-house transitioning and on-going support to the comprehensive program services that are customized in partnership.

As specialists in the integration of therapy programming with advanced clinical reimbursement systems, Landmark/Landview also provide expertise in RAC Audit, Liability, MDS/PPS, RUG IV and Recruitment Services.

The hallmark of Landmark/Landview's business philosophy is recognizing and deploying an integrated approach to operations support, management and service delivery - utilizing extensive education and training throughout a diverse stable of key and specialized disciplines.

Landview Therapy Services
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