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The proficiency of the rehabilitation department is critical to the success of a SNF/LTC facility and yet is challenging to manage. Most center managers do not understand the complexities and nuances surrounding clinical programming, billing and compliance standards. From patient scheduling, COT management, RUG monitoring, staffing/recruiting, productivity accountability and ensuring clinical expertise; it is an extremely important department to the financial health of any skilled nursing facility. Your therapy operation is the only department in the nursing home that generates revenue directly through reimbursable services. Because of the difficulties it is common for SNF's to want a contract service to manage this department. However, when this happens, it adds a layer of complication since there are now different policies and procedures, salary/benefits/HR issues and many conflicting priorities. The "outsourced design" promotes a division between the rehab and other departments making true teamwork challenging. Outsourcing your therapy department also strips a much higher percentage of your rehabilitation profits to a third-party vendor. The goals of the rehab contract provider are not always in alignment with the facility. Our "In-House" model is set up to be a more cost effective solution that you could put in place yourself because we have the volume, software and the management expertise to provide you with this service at nearly a cost-based level.

The "In-House" design has many advantages over a contract provider particularly one that is on a national scale

  • No shared revenue.
  • Facilitates teamwork.
  • Maintain control of department and labor costs.
  • Easier to align goals between rehab, the facility and other departments.
  • Decrease risk of outside CMS medical review scrutiny (RAC audits).

This model capitalizes on the strengths of the rehabilitation department. This unique model helps the facility achieve optimal clinical outcomes and compliance while controlling labor costs associated with rehabilitation. In addition, advanced real-time performance tracking provides you easy access to key metrics throughout the month. The end result is a clinically driven, compliance focused, high performing rehabilitation program designed to increase quality of care and profitability.

Outsourcing therapy services can be an effective management strategy but involves sharing revenue and surrendering control to one of its greatest cost centers. It is no longer the "worry free" option. Landview Therapy Services provides SNF’s with an alternative to outsourcing the rehabilitation department allowing it to maintain control of this critical department. A therapy management contract with Landview allows the facility to keep an "In-House" model but have the benefit of management accountability, clinical program development, therapy specific software, and most importantly, maintaining billing and clinical compliance.

Landview Therapy Services
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