About Landview Therapy Services

Landview's Mission
Landview Therapy Service assists skilled nursing facilities to achieve and maintain optimal clinical and operational outcomes for their "In-House" therapy programs.

Our unique rehabilitative case-management approach optimizes clinical operations, clinical reimbursement and financial outcomes by cultivating a collaborative environment for your center’s interdisciplinary team. Landview’s primary engagement services are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Advanced PPS management; ARD selection, COT management, combining assessments, MDS/Rehab collaboration.
  • Therapy billing oversight & G-code educational platforms.
  • Rehabilitative educational series for all three therapy disciplines:
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech Therapy
  • Therapy operations expertise: RUG’s caseload and efficiency management, staff productivity management, and therapy licensed/non-licensed staffing ratios.
  • Therapy software management & electronic documentation advancement, including care planning modules.
  • Federal and state regulatory compliance.

The intent of this rehabilitative oversight service approach is to cater toward client-specific operational needs, and to provide ongoing support to the comprehensive rehabilitation program services that are developed in partnership with you. As specialists in the integration of therapy programming with advanced clinical reimbursement systems, we also provide expertise in therapy education and operations expertise, regulatory compliance, MDS/PPS, RUGS IV, COT management. We also offer rehabilitative recruitment services, if desired. Landview offers the educational, development and implementation tools necessary to help your organization realize its full clinical, operational and reimbursement potential.

We will make your core clinical program stronger, assist in improving your resident centered outcomes all while improving your documentation and regulatory compliance. The results are better resident clinical outcomes, stronger financial outcomes and a much better documentation level that will hold up better through regulatory review.

As a recognized leader in rehabilitation program management, Landview Therapy Services provides a unique case-management approach that optimizes both clinical and financial outcomes while fostering improved team collaboration.

Landview Therapy Services
57 Wingate St.
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